Instructions in English

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Instructions in English

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Mess Room Chat open forum
All foreign visitors are very welcome to our open forum. We wish that you respect these simple rules. Here we speak the most common international language, broken English.
The forum is meant to be a common discussion arena for old seamen. Everyone can navigate and read the site but adding a comment requires registration. Everyone interested in the topic can registrate. The webmaster reserves the right to accept, reject or remove any member who does not agree with the rules.

Instructions on how to registrate
Your user ID has to be easy to understand.
Give your password and remember it. If you forget the password the Webmaster is not able to give it.
After you have registered, you will receive a message in your email and after that you can log on to the site.
If you have trouble logging on, please contact the Webmaster by email

Rules of the forum
Improper and/or harsh language is not part of this site.
It is strictly forbidden to insult anyone personally.
Everyone is responsible for their comments and writings.
You can add your picture. If you need help the Webmaster will be happy to help.
Use and/or make links only to pics which you have the right to use.
Adding advertisements is forbidden. The Webmaster controls this kind of a business.
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